Dental Photography and Marketing Course Details:

CE Credits:

8 CE’s

Course Summary:

Making dental images and knowing how to utilize them are a major element in expanding cosmetic, laboratory communication and other elective dental services. Dental photography allows the practice to provide better treatment planning, legal documentation, patient education and record keeping.

Most course attendees understand the basic benefits of digital images, but don’t understand the power of the procedural steps or have the skills in place to achieve them. Step by step procedures and the live demonstrations in this course will help make clear these processes from procurement, to presentation, to benefits.

Attendees will also get a bonus marketing lecture, focused on how to utilize the learned skills in this class to grow your dental practice.

New image technology in laboratory shade communication will also be emphasized.


  • Learn digital camera essentials; Choosing the right camera, how to set your camera for optimal results
  • Explore the latest in photography techniques and computerized shade analysis
  • Find out the keys to good portraits pictures for technical and recreational photography
  • Experience our close-up series, including information on: Natural smile, retracted anterior, upper/lower occlusal, buccal corridor lateral views
  • See how to import, store, organize, edit, retrieve, annotate and present images to your patient
  • Learn to leverage your digital camera to spice up your marketing and grow your practice

Course Fees: 

$795.00 for Dentist

$550.00 for Dental Staff

Meet the Instructor

Dennis Braunston
Founder of Dental Learning Centers & ShadeWave

Dennis has been in dental technology since 1990 and is the Founder of Dental Learning Centers® and ShadeWave. He is recognized as one of the early pioneers and experts at teaching digital photography, cosmetic imaging and case presentation in dentistry.

Dennis is the developer of ImageCentrik Dental Software, camera shade devices and several dental cameras. He has lectured at numerous locations; most recently at the California Dental Association, San Francisco meeting.

Dennis is faculty Director for Dental Learning Centers and CE at Sea, and has several published articles, in the Journal of Dental Technology (JDT) and Contemporary Esthetics.

Watch Dennis Braunston lecture at Washington AGD Mastertrack “Hands-On Digital Photography” Course