Dental Photography Course Details:

CE Credits:

12 CE’s

Course Summary:

Take the mystery out of using your digital camera! Digital Photography is the basis for good communication between the dentist and laboratory; this course will help you improve your abilities not only in shade matching but also good photographic technique. Please bring your digital camera. If you do not have a digital camera, Dental Learning Centers will provide you a camera for use during the Hands-On portion of the course. You will be given one-on-one help with experts from Dental Learning Centers. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve patient satisfaction and lower costs through fewer remakes.

Summary of Dentist Benefits:

  • Save time taking shades
  • Fewer remakes due to mismatched crowns
  • Get more accurate direct bonding matches
  • No more inconveniencing your patient to travel to the lab
  • Improve your patient’s perception of your practice through the use of modern technology
  • Cloud storage allows you to view your case from any computer, any place, and any time • Improved, more consistent photography


  • Learn camera settings for dental photography
  • Understanding light, color and shade selection
  • Understand color correction for accurate shade
  • Photographic shade taking techniques
  • Hands-on exercises to make you an expert in dental photography, with one-on-one assistance from the laboratory and Dental Learning Centers instructors

Course Fees: 

$795.00 for Dentist

$550.00 for Dental Staff

Meet the Instructor

Dennis Braunston
Founder of Dental Learning Centers & ShadeWave

Dennis has been in dental technology since 1990 and is the Founder of Dental Learning Centers® and ShadeWave. He is recognized as one of the early pioneers and experts at teaching digital photography, cosmetic imaging and case presentation in dentistry.

Dennis is the developer of ImageCentrik Dental Software, camera shade devices and several dental cameras. He has lectured at numerous locations; most recently at the California Dental Association, San Francisco meeting.

Dennis is faculty Director for Dental Learning Centers and CE at Sea, and has several published articles, in the Journal of Dental Technology (JDT) and Contemporary Esthetics.

Watch Dennis Braunston lecture at Washington AGD Mastertrack “Hands-On Digital Photography” Course